Who doesn't like something with a bit of CATITUDE!  Show off your Cat Lady Spirit with Items from our SHOP SHOP MEOW

Get your next box for FREE!

If you had the chance to get your next box FREE....would you take it?

Yes, it's true, you have a chance to get your next box for FREE by simply posting a picture or video of the amazing items we send you in your box (pics or videos of your unboxing, using the gifts, wearing the gifts, your cats playing with their gifts)! Any way you want to snap a pic or film a video it's up to you...so get creative!

Not everyone who posts will get a free box, so here's how it works.  Before the 4th of the following month (before the next renewals take place) post your picture or video to your social media. We will choose at least 1 subscriber(s) whose posted picture or video we like best and that subscriber(s) will get their next box on us. Don't use social media?  That's okay....you can still have a chance at a free box (see details below).  We will notify the winner(s) by email on the 4th of the following month.   GOOD LUCK!  We can wait to see what you come up with!

Here's the details on your chance to get your next box for FREE (please read) :
*  Pictures and videos do not have to be of the latest box....it can be of past boxes as well.  As long as they are photos using our box and/or the items that you received in your box (duh).
*  Post to YOUR Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Facebook AND tag us at @mypurrfectgiftbox (@PurrfectGiftBox on Twitter) WITH the hashtag #mypurrfectgiftbox or #itsjustpurrfect. If you don't TAG us or use the hashtag...we won't be able to find your post :-)
*  If you are posting to Instagram or Facebook, please make sure your account is set to public (not private) or we may be unable to find your tags and pictures. As an alternative, if you would rather keep your account private, please post your pics and screenshot the Instagram or Facebook post and email it to us at [email protected]
*  If you are posting to Facebook make sure you are posting your pics to YOUR Facebook page (you can also post on our page....but it only counts if you also post on your OWN page) and tag us @mypurrfectgiftbox (see above for privacy settings).
*  By posting your pictures and tagging us, we may elect at times, to repost your photos to our social media pages regardless if you are the winner(s) of the free box.  You are releasing us to use your images without any recourse or future payment.
* You must be a current subscriber in order to have the chance to get your free box.  If you choose to cancel your subscription before the next box, you will not be eligible.
*  Don't use social media?  You can still be eligible for the free box by sending  us your best picture and or video to [email protected]  We may use your picture or video in upcoming post on our own social media accounts.
*  Winner(s) of the free box will be notified by email on the 4th of the month.  We may or may not annouce it on our social media.
*  Questions?  Please get in touch at [email protected]

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